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I led the redesign of website assets to match the ZoomInfo guidelines, contributing to a unified representation of the post-acquisition product.

I conducted a thorough audit of existing assets, devised a strategy to align new product images with the updated UI, and led the team through the completion of a large number of assets. We successfully implemented the new images onto the website, resulting in a web presence that not only represents the new product design but also adheres to ZoomInfo's brand guidelines, highlighting the post-acquisition unity of the two brands.


After ZoomInfo acquired Chorus, I continued leading Chorus brand design within the integrated ZoomInfo design team. In spring 2022, we strategically consolidated the Chorus brand under ZoomInfo. As a key player in the Chorus brand redesign, I led the project to update all assets on the Chorus website, ensuring a cohesive representation of the product within the ZoomInfo brand identity.


To redesign the Chorus brand within ZoomInfo's framework, I took a systematic approach, aligning it with ZoomInfo's design guidelines and product UI. After a thorough audit of website assets, I identified elements needing redesign to match unified brand guidelines. Creating mock-ups, I developed a functional representation of Chorus within the ZoomInfo platform. I devised a plan for refreshing each asset, enabling collaboration with the ZoomInfo design team. I oversaw the design process, ensuring cohesiveness as assets were uploaded to the Chorus site.

During this process, Chorus rebranded and launched their mobile app, which required creating mockups of the new app as well as promos.

Mobile App Apple_Recording.png
Mobile App Apple_Homepage B.png
Mobile App Apple_Homepage A.png
Mobile App Apple_Comments.png
Mobile App S2_Apple 5.5.png
Mobile App S4_Apple 5.5.png
Mobile Splash_qrad 1080x1080.png
Mobile App Feat_Google.png

Post-redesign, the updated assets on the website seamlessly matched ZoomInfo's brand identity and accurately portrayed the new product. The result not only achieved cohesiveness but also aligned with broader goals of establishing a unified and compelling brand post-acquisition. This project underscores my proficiency in leading team projects with diverse assets and navigating complex design challenges, particularly in the dynamic context of an acquisition.

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