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After the ZoomInfo acquisition of Chorus, I was integrated in the existing design team at ZI, continuing to lead all design initiatives around the Chorus brand.

In the spring of 2022, ZoomInfo integrated the Chorus brand and product under one ZI parent brand. This meant that any assets on the website that showed the product would need to be updated. I organized, led, and primarily executed the redesign of each of these assets.

During this process, Chorus rebranded and launched their mobile app, which required creating mockups of the new app as well as promos.

Mobile App Apple_Recording.png
Mobile App Apple_Homepage B.png
Mobile App Apple_Homepage A.png
Mobile App Apple_Comments.png
Mobile App S2_Apple 5.5.png
Mobile App S4_Apple 5.5.png
Mobile Splash_qrad 1080x1080.png
Mobile App Feat_Google.png
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