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The anticipated launch of the Momentum product in Saleforce and the native Chorus app was being discussed when I joined Chorus near the end of 2020. I was brought onto the team to lead the creative and design marketing approach for the launch.

initial concepts

I began ideation and we ran mockups for a few approaches. One was sports-leaning but I also wanted to highlight performance across dance, music, and more. In the ad mockups, I toyed with the idea of highlighting hobbies from beauty, brawn, and brains categories. I also created a hype video that focused on "the big moment".

I created a wave illustration that spread as a motif across the campaign and became an integral part of the Chorus brand. The wave represents connection, movement, and momentum.

Landing Page Mockups
Web 1920 – 1.png
Web 1920 – 2.png
Sports-Themed Promos
Momentum Ph2_gametime.png
Momentum Ph 2 Concepts_Brawn Intro.png
Performance-Themed Promos
Momentum Ph 2 Concepts_Beauty Intro.png
Momentum Ph2 Design_chess sample.png
Momentum Ph 2 Concepts_BBB Icon Board.png
Momentum Ph2_Artboard 8.png
Momentum Ph 2 Concepts_Illustration.png
General + Connection Promos
Momentum Ph 2 Concepts_sample1_600px.png
Momentum Ph2_sample3.png
Momentum Ph2_weekly briefing_2500x1015.png
Momentum Ph2_Artboard 7.png
Momentum Designs_piano.png
Momentum Designs_fitnessgroup.png
Carousel Ad
Momentum Ph2_Carosel Story copy 3.png
Momentum Ph2_Carosel Story.png
Momentum Ph2_Carosel Story copy.png
Momentum Ph2_Carosel Story copy 2.png
Hype Video

event planning

As the launch neared, we geared up to have a major customer event with unique branding that we could potentially turn into a series of product launch events. While this event ended up being wrapped into Elevate: Conversation Intelligence because of the ZoomInfo acquisition. Here are some ideas I mocked up for event branding.

Logo Concepts_Unstoppable.png
Logo Concepts_Acccelerate.png
Logo Concepts_ChorusConnect.png
Momentum Launch_concepts_Artboard 3.png
Momentum Launch_concepts_Artboard 1.png
Momentum Launch_concepts_Artboard 2.png


Finally, we were able to launch our campaign! While we loved the initial concepts, we agreed as a team to showcase the beauty and elegance of the product itself, making it shine in all of my assets.

Product Comps
SF base.png
Use Case Comps

These use cases were created with the advice of stakeholders in order to highlight what buyers are most concerned about when they're looking for the best conversation intelligence platform. I created these comps of Chorus in Salesforce to display key elements of the product and created an animation to tie them together.

Pipeline Assets

After Momentum launched within Salesforce, it was integrated into the native Chorus app, called Pipeline. This required mocking up the product in a different platform and displaying functionality within the platform, including making a promo video and animation for the website homepage hero.

Chorus base.png


For the launch, I created over 200 assets for promos. Here is a selection of some of the final ads that ran.

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