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Heya! I'm Angela and I'm a passionate designer.

I'm a multifaceted visual designer with 15 years of digital design experience across a multitude of channels. In addition, I'm a visual artist able to bring strong illustration, composition, and color theory to my designs. Beyond digital, I have designed large-scale environmental graphics, event and booth branding, and print collateral. My approach involves considering the viewer's experience to inform design principles and create consistency across a brand.

Angela is a bright, intelligent creative who successfully siphons her artistic abilities into beautiful graphics, and quickly picks up new software skills to level up her designs.

Katherine Yau
Marketing Designer, Houzz

Angela isn't just a capable designer able to create assets for your marketing team. She's a thoughtful, passionate designer that truly thinks about the message and impression the asset is supposed to deliver to its intended audience. She cares about the quality of her work and how it can make a lasting impression to the audience.

Michael Basilio
Director of Analyst Relations, ZoomInfo

Her communication style is best described as effortless, and she has superpowers that somehow make everyone around her feel loved, included, and heard. Her work is of the highest quality, and brings together ideas from many different constituents in order to create the perfect design and customer experience.

Adam Silverman
Sr. Marketing Director, Signifyd


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Senior Graphic Designer

Sep 2022 - Present

As the dedicated brand designer at Corporate Finance Institute, I spearhead the conceptualization and implementation of CFI's visual brand, overseeing all design-related aspects that bolster our marketing initiatives. This encompasses a wide spectrum of digital assets, such as ads, email campaigns, social media content, webinars, content materials, presentations, and website. I am also responsible for the creation, ownership, and maintenance of CFI's visual brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand identity. I collaborate extensively with various teams, including website UX/UI, product, and content designers. My work fosters a high degree of autonomy, and I effectively manage my design projects within the marketing department, contributing to the seamless execution of our brand strategy.

ZI Logo.png
Graphic Designer

Dec 2020 - Jul 2021

Following ZoomInfo's acquisition of Chorus, I played a crucial role in the seamless transition of the Chorus brand into the overarching ZoomInfo parent brand. One notable achievement was the successful co-branding of a Chorus virtual event with ZoomInfo's established Elevate conference series. As part of my journey within the broader ZoomInfo graphics team, I contributed my leadership within the Chorus brand towards a comprehensive effort to revamp every product image featured on the Chorus website, ensuring a cohesive alignment with the newly envisioned brand and product redesign.

Marketing Designer

Dec 2020 - Jul 2021

As the first in-house Graphic Designer at Chorus, I played a pivotal role in redefining and broadening our brand to better resonate with enterprise clients. My contributions led to the successful execution of several significant branding endeavors, notably the launch of the Momentum product, virtual events, and demand generation campaigns. Moreover, I took on the dual responsibility of serving as the web designer, ensuring that our online graphics remained captivating and current. While primarily aligned with the marketing team, my role was deeply collaborative, involving close coordination with our product designers to maintain a unified and consistent brand presence across both marketing and product touchpoints.

Graphic Designer

May 2019 - Nov 2020

In my role as the sole Graphic Designer at Sparkpost, I was responsible for crafting a diverse array of materials, including conference and event branding, informational guides, engaging infographics, versatile templates, promotional materials, and website assets. A significant part of my work involved refining the visual identity of the company, as well as all subsidiary brands, to effectively align with our target personas and resonate with our intended audience.

Graphic and Marketing Coordinator

Jul 2018 - May 2019 

I was tasked with the complete development of distinctive branding identities for multiple properties within the Kilroy portfolio, overseeing the entire process from initial concept to design, and ultimately, seamless implementation. My responsibilities encompassed crafting a wide range of collateral materials for both print and digital platforms, as well as orchestrating impactful installations at prominent, high-visibility venues.



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In addition to my full-time in-house work, I have taken on several freelance clients over the years. Here are a few of the wonderful companies I've had the pleasure to work with. If you're interested in working with me on a freelance basis, please contact me to discuss your projects and rates!

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