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When I joined Kilroy, I had the pleasure of heading the marketing efforts for the New San Francisco Flower Mart development in San Francisco. With the help of the marketing team, I created beautiful assets to market the project and leasing efforts.


NOTE: I did not design the original logo for the San Francisco Flower Mart, but I gave it a refresh with this flower background and brush strokes to pay tribute to the creative space and roots in the original flower mart.


I designed this highly branded brochure to attract tenants to leasing at the new SFFM. I wanted to use floral imagery and photography of the neighborhood to ground the beauty in the historical context of the SFFM.

Naming Graphic
naming graphic.png

After helping come up with names for the different buildings and components of the new San Francisco Flower Mart development, I created this naming graphic to help justify our choices. In this branded piece, I wanted to pair imagery that spoke to the mood and elegance of the development.

Leasing Website
leasing site.png

Leasing Website: I redesigning the leasing website for the new San Francisco Flower Mart on WIX. Here is a screenshot of the homepage, but the website is live.

First Look Party
Flower Marst First Look Website.png

I designed this die cut invitation to highlight the logo. I also purchased these succulents from the current flower mart and added these branded tags. These were delivered with the invitations by hand by the brokers. I also designed the RSVP site for the party on WIX.

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