OptIn 2019

In fall of 2019, SparkPost hosted an email industry conference. With guidance from our event team, I created all of the branded for the conference from the logo to the swag to the signage at the event. The goal was to create consistent branding from digital invitations through the experience of the entire event.

All in all, I created hundreds of designs between social and email graphics, swag mockups, and event signage. Here is a sample of some of those graphics.

Logo Exploration.png

Logo Exploration

OptIn Logo_2Color RGB_main_cropped.png

Final Logo

OptIn Signage_Roll Up Banners.png
OptIn Logo_2Color RGB_stacked.png
OptIn_Carmel Tree_Logo_0819 copy.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 4.26.03 PM.png

RSVP Site (Designed on Splash)


Prospectus for Sponsorships

OptIn Email Art 1_0719.png
OptIn_LinkedIn Ad_1200x627 copy_0819.png
OptIn_Email Signature_0719.jpg

Digital Promotions

OptIn_Swag_Name Badge_Front 4.25x6in_101
OptIn_Swag_Name Badge_Back 4.25x6in_1019
venue map.png

Name Tag, Agenda Booklet, Lanyard, Room Key

OptIn_Swag_Staff Polo_0919-1.png

Apparel Mockups

Sticker Pack.png

Diversity & Inclusion Stickers

Photographs from the event, taken by: