Pride Designs

For the last two years, I've created a Pride design for SparkPost to be used for t-shirts and internal initiatives for inclusivity and Pride celebration. I care deeply about LGBTQ+ rights so I was very passionate about creating these designs.

Pride Tshirt_MockUps Black.png
Pride Tshirt_MockUps White.png

Mockups for 2019 Shirt

Pride T-Shirt_Final_0519.png

Final 2019 Design

Pride T-Shirt_Reference_0519.png

Final 2019 Shirts

To see more, read about how SparkPost celebrated Pride in 2019.

Pride SparkPost Design_logo.png
Pride Blog_800x300.png
general_1080x1080 alt.png
LinkedIn_banner_1400x425 EG.png

2020 Designs

Pride Blog.png

I was asked to write a blog post about my designs where I talk about what inspired me for the 2020 design.

"I wanted to design something fresh this year and not just because making rainbow graphics is really fun for a designer. As we know, in a COVID-19 world, Pride parades are cancelled, and in-person corporate inclusivity programs are at a halt. While no design can make up for those things, it was important to me to convey connection in my design.

I chose to incorporate a pattern that elicits connectivity with concentric lines and curves. It also resembles a topographical map, a nod to our shared experiences in a time when we have to be apart. We can’t celebrate Pride in person this year, but we are more connected than ever. Whether you’re part of the queer community or an ally, I think we can all appreciate a little celebration right now for how far LGBTQ+ rights have come."

In addition, I was asked to help reskin an blog post about gender inclusivity in email programs for Pride month.

Gender Blog_504x504.png
Gender Blog_02_504x504.png
Gender Blog_03_504x504.png
Gender Blog_01_504x504.png
Pride Design Isolated_big.png

I created this image for Pride 2020, unaffiliated with any company, as a personal project.